Simple Tips For Taking Better Pictures of Your Children

Here are a couple of tips you can use to take better photos of your children.

Tip #1 – Watch your light.

In the picture below, you will notice that Bree is facing direct sunlight.  This causes her to squint, creates unflattering harsh shadows on her face and makes her unhappy.


Solution: Turn your subject around so that the sun is behind them.  If done right, you will create a nice soft haze around your subject.


Tip #2 – Watch your backgrounds.

As you can see in the photo below the background is very busy!  Your eyes want to scan all around the photo.  The eavestrough is sticking out of Breezy’s head making her look like she has a set of antlers.


Solution: You can zoom in (or move in closer) and select a part of the background that isn’t as busy.  It will allow your eye to go directly to the star of the photo.


Have a great week!



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